Itinerrance, une marche à plusieurs voix

"L'identité est aussi ce que l'on peut déplacer tout en se déplaçant soi-même" H. Bentouhami-Molino

Willing to map the path of my emotions, I decided to roam around the globe writing poems in different languages so that the reader could wander himself  beyond the meaning of words. I would like to reach an illiterate language, a sonorous experience. In order to merge my voice with the voices of the world which determine me, I recorded the people I have met reading my poems as well as some random conversations. I consider that my words as well as my subjectivity are nothing but this permanent interaction. 

 Itinerrance is a patchwork of encounters and feelings. 


Encuentros humanos y rencontres de mots siempre desembocan en nuevos sentidos. 

The idea to mix languages within my poems came to my mind when I observed that "text" and "textile" share the same etymology "textus". Por eso pienso que la lengua también se deshila. By writing in different langues, I aim to grasp a sound rather than a meaning, or maybe the meaning of the sound. I want to explore what is beyond words and how could one speak entre les lignes.  Para mi, este language sensorio es el language de "l'errance" (vagabundeo) que no tiene un sentido único sino varias posibilidades. When roaming in a place you don't know anything about, you need to open yourself and listen to the voices that surrender you in order to find your path. Similarly, when reading a multilingual poem, you have to accept to be ignorant and to understand things by feeling them rather than naming them. 

In order to translate my feelings in a graphic way, I always try to match a poem and a picture that I synthesize on my skin, resorting to the lines of my body. J'essaye, en quelque sorte d'écrire à fleur de peau.  

Sharing a poetic walk : Installation at Residencia Corazón, La Plata, Argentina. October 2018

Mapping a constellation of words, images and drawings within Residencia Corazón's garden, I invited the spectators to wander through a poetic path which didn't have any precise direction. Immersed in the sound of the conversations and poems I had recorded,  the people could follow the itinerary they themselves chose, according to their own feelings and imagination. 

Since I consider that l'errance is a state of encounters and that "identity can be moved", I created some postcards out of the drawings I made on my skin and offered people to take one home in order to spread the wandering a bit further. Being part of a postcard which will travel on its own, I disseminate my identity and merge myself to the words that I will be put on. This collective voice is, for me, the language of subjectivity.