Back to school

The word ‘childhood’ often rekindles a lot of dreams, it revives our imagination and fills us with a feeling of nostalgia. Childhood is behind us and yet is still part of us. Who never thought about behaving once again as a child? Who never wished to re-experience this carefreeness? We long for a lost freedom, we aspire to an unreachable happiness as we convince ourselves that this period of our life was all the more precious since we weren’t aware of its beauty. Children live in the present while adults are much more concerned with their past or their future.

Childhood should not be the past.

It has to be a perpetual present.

We have to learn from children. We have to observe them in order to discover the child on which we are built. Sometimes, it is better to let children teach us how to live well rather than to teach them how to grow up well.

That is why I consider that the best way to speak about childhood is too let it express itself. Its voice can guide us, we just need to pay attention to it. Investigating some playgrounds in different countries, I have tried to approach and to catch the world of childhood.

There on the playgrounds I forgot time.

I felt confident with the present.

And I became aware of the necessity to share this encounter.  

I don’t want people to think about childhood.

I want them to re-experience it.


When the children enter the nightclub

When I visited the schools, I took pictures of the children while they were playing and my partner Lucas Parinaud recorded sounds (ambient sounds as well as voices) in order to create a dispositive which would enable me to confront the two mediums. It took me a lot of time to think about a space that could contain the project and an idea finally came to my mind: make the installation in a nightclub.

By exhibiting at Tola I wanted the children we are all built on would to enter the nightclub and the adult we have all become to rediscover the playground.

Immersed in voices rather than in the music they are used to listening by partying, I wanted people to meander through the sinuous path of remembrance.

Let's disrupt time!
Let's play again...
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